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horse pasture, hay fieldNot all hays and pastures are created equal. Roughage in the form of hay or pasture is vital to the horse's unique digestive system, and provides an important source of nutrients, including minerals that are needed by the horse's body for optimum health, performance, and growth.

The minerals in the hay or pasture the horse eats depend on the mineral levels in the soil and environmental conditions that the plants grew in, and soils vary widely in mineral content across the United States and Canada. Soils in some regions are very high in certain minerals and others are deficient. Some minerals can be toxic in high amounts.

Ordinary supplements also vary in mineral content, depending on the manufacturer's formula, and may increase minerals already too high in the diet, while not fully correcting for others that are deficient in the diet.

At Balanced Equine Nutrition, we custom formulate a supplement based on a test of your hay or pasture, to ensure that your horse is receiving optimum nutrition.

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